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Our Caretoons series provides an easy and entertaining way to discuss different anxieties with children and youth in a safe and non-threatening way. With all of the challenges in the past few years surrounding COVID and isolation, young people may feel the impact but not realize that what they are feeling is fear or anxiety. In Time Travelling Pizza, Chris Crust introduces teens and children to isolation anxiety so that you can start a dialogue with them in a natural way.

In Time Travelling Pizza, Chris Crust is so excited to go on a trip to Italy! But sadly, his trip is cancelled. He feels overwhelmed with boredom, isolation, and disappointment. Chris starts to obsess over the future; will he let himself get excited just to have the trip cancelled AGAIN?

Find out the answers in the episode of Time Travelling Pizza.

Dealing with future uncertainty with cartoons series by Anxiety Canada


future uncertainty anxiety with caretoons anxiety canada


It’s normal to feel down or upset about cancelled plans, uncertainty, and having to spend time alone. Talking (or writing) it out is always a good idea. Talking to a trusted friend or family member can help youth feel better and reassure them that it won’t be this way forever—things will eventually get better. In the meantime, it’s important to recognize anxieties and fears in order to cope with them and move forward.



Isolation Impact

When we feel isolated, we can start obsessing about future events and seeing them as more important than anything else, which raises our anxiety and overshadows other things in our lives. Sometimes it can even stop us from noticing the connections or activities we usually enjoy. Focusing on the things that we can’t control, like cancelled events that isolate us, can end up causing frustration and anxiety. Sharing our feelings is the first step to deal with negative emotions.

No one likes to have to stay home and not see friends during periods of lockdown, uncertainty, illness, or isolation. Parents can talk about their own feelings around isolation with children and youth to normalize anxiety and work with their child to tackle it. Staying active is also a great step towards finding balance, especially when building new routines.

Find activities that bring joy and add these to your daily routine. Building a predictable schedule can really help deal with uncertainty in our lives.

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Dealing with future uncertainty with cartoons series by Anxiety Canada