Here are some tips to help you make your list of fears.

Your list should include lots of situations, some that would be easier to face and some that would be harder.  

Sometimes we can have lots of different fears, so it can help to group similar fears together.  For example, you may have a fear of heights and a fear of germs.  Make a different list for each fear theme.

Common fears include: being around other kids, trying new things, talking to unfamiliar people, public speaking, animals, insects, needles, heights, touching things that may be covered in germs, doing things alone, making mistakes, things being out of place, driving, and being in crowded places.

There are a number of things that may make something easier or harder for you to do:

Length of time  

Talking to a classmate for 30 seconds is easier than talking to someone for 5 minutes.  Doing a 2-minute speech is easier than doing a 5-minute speech.


Standing 20 feet from a dog is easier than standing next to one.  Looking at a picture of a needle is easier than holding an actual needle.

Who is with you

Going to the mall with a friend may be easier than going alone.  Letting yourself make a mistake when talking to your mom may be easier than making a mistake when talking to the sales assistant at a store, which may be easier than making a mistake when talking to your teacher.

Pick a specific goal!

It can also be helpful to think of a specific goal. Then, list all the steps you would need to take in order to accomplish that goal. For example, your goal may be to get a needle. Steps might include: 1) looking at pictures of needles; 2) watching videos of needles; 3) holding a needle; 4) holding the needle against your skin; 5) watching someone else get a needle; and 5) getting a needle.

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