Anxiety is a normal emotion that is essential for survival. However, for some individuals it is as if their anxiety has a life of its own, getting triggered at the least provocation, like an overly sensitive car alarm activated each time a leaf falls on the hood.

As a result, this ongoing and excessive fear can begin to cause considerable distress or interference in everyday life. It can prevent the person from engaging in routine daily activities or meeting expected personal milestones. The individual may find s/he is too afraid to pursue a promotion or apply for a new job, or pretends to be busy on the weekends as dating and socializing seems terrifying. It is this combination of excessive anxiety and disruption in life that helps us understand that anxiety is no longer normal and has become a problem. We encourage you to talk to your family doctor about your options, including learning more about What is CBT? and how it can help give you the additional guidance you need to start effectively managing your anxiety!

What is CBT?