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The CARD™ Toolkit helps educators, parents, and healthcare professionals support youth struggling with anxiety.

The CARD system (Comfort, Ask, Relax, Distract) is a science-based, proven framework to help prepare children for stressful events, like school-based vaccinations, presentations, and examinations.


Anxiety Canada has partnered with University of Toronto’s HELPinKids&Adults, Immunize Canada, and SickKids | AboutKidsHealth to create a free downloadable CARD toolkit for the classroom. The toolkit has everything you need to teach your students to prepare for stressful events, like school-based vaccinations and other stressors. Educators can use the approaches to empower children and improve self-efficacy managing stress.

Students in grades 4-12 can benefit from CARD™ strategies and adapt them to different circumstances (including home, school, and healthcare environments).


The comprehensive toolkit illustrates how to apply the CARD™ framework for school-based vaccinations. You will find classroom-ready materials, such as posters, videos, simulation games, handouts with activities and examples, and checklists.

When students play their CARDs during vaccination, they are empowered with strategies to cope with anxiety, fear, and pain. Children can fill in their own ideas on the CARDs: how they can get Comfort, what to Ask, ways to Relax, and options for Distraction. Educators, healthcare providers, and parents can use the same framework as they support students, playing their own CARDs to create a successful vaccination experience.

Share CARD’s easy-to-follow guides with children, parents, and healthcare providers, including guides to vaccination day, talking to kids about vaccinations, using numbing creams, choosing coping strategies, and more. There are additional resources from University of Toronto HELPinKids&Adults, Immunize Canada, SickKids | AboutKidsHealth, and Anxiety Canada, including links to the CARD™ system web game for kids—a vaccine card game.


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