How to Talk to Children and Adolescents About War

This is a helpful resource for parents, caregivers and teachers about how to talk to children and adolescents about war. Often, when children are confronted with upsetting sights, sounds, or content, parents engage in avoidance, hiding or protecting their children from whatever may be upsetting to them. Parents and caregivers often do what it takes to lessen or remove the source of upset in the quickest way possible.

Unfortunately, avoidance is not a helpful long-term solution to protect youth. At some point, children or adolescents will witness or experience a troubling event or come across information they find upsetting or shocking. Even though it may be tempting to continue to use avoidance, it is important to help your child or teen learn how to cope.

Download this resource to help facilitate a conversation and safe space to talk about war-related trauma and anxiety triggered by traumatic events.

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