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Anxiety in Youth: Malia Baker’s Recovery and Road to Fame

Episode 37|21:47 min|

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#OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast
#OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast
Anxiety in Youth: Malia Baker’s Recovery and Road to Fame

About the episode

In this episode of #OurAnxietyStories Malia discusses her evolving journey with anxiety. Malia shares that in the fourth grade her anxiety was at its worst, and she lost mobility in her legs, eventually being diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Today, Malia has regained full mobility, and although she still experiences anxiety, she has learned to manage symptoms thanks to support from her mother, little sister and friends. Follow Malia’s journey on social media: @maliabakermsb.  

About the guest

Botswana born and Canadian raised, 14-year-old Malia Baker is a multi-talented actor best known for her role of Mary Anne Spier in Netflix’s highly acclaimed remake of the “Baby-Sitters Club”. Most recently, Baker also joined Nickelodeon’s second season of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” as Gabby Lewis.

"Physically there appeared to be nothing wrong. It was this mental thing where my brain was telling my leg it couldn't work because everything was being built up inside of me. "

- Malia Baker

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