Tips For Healthy Living

Learn tips for healthy living to help manage anxiety.

Healthy living plays a crucial role in managing anxiety. Developing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t aim to eliminate anxiety (as it serves an adaptive purpose) but helps you function at your best. Here are tips for building a healthier lifestyle:

Set a Routine: Establish a daily routine for meals, work, relaxation, and bedtime, providing predictability and aiding anxiety management.

Stay Active: Regular exercise, even starting small with activities you enjoy, can significantly impact emotional and physical health, helping to manage stress and anxiety.

Eat Healthy: Consume balanced, consistent meals, reduce salt and sugar intake, and increase fruits, vegetables, and water.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night, but recognize individual sleep needs. Learn more about getting a good night’s sleep here.

Establish Social Supports: Maintain a supportive social network by fostering connections and having at least one good friend to confide in. Learn more about building a support network here.

Learn to Relax: Practice deep relaxation techniques like calm breathing and progressive muscle relaxation to reduce overall tension and stress.

Manage Your Time: Effectively schedule activities using a day planner, balancing responsibilities with relaxation and fun.

Solve Problems: Identify and address stressors by tackling problems methodically. Seek guidance on solving daily life issues.

Read additional tips in the helpful PDF below.

Remember to start small, set goals, be patient, and make gradual changes to your lifestyle for long-term benefits in managing anxiety.

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