CBT-Based Group Therapy

MindShift CBT Groups

Learn coping tools with MindShift CBT Groups, an 8-session online therapy program that uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).


Mindshift CBT Groups, therapy for anxiety.



Anxiety App

The free MindShift CBT App

Free Evidence-Based Anxiety Relief

MindShift® CBT uses scientifically proven strategies to help you learn mindful and effective ways of thinking to overcome anxiety.

Mindshift CBT Groups, therapy for anxiety.


My Anxiety Plans (MAPs)

Free Self-Help Courses for Adults, Youth, and Educators

My Anxiety Plan (MAP) is an easy-to-navigate anxiety management program based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).


Self-paced online course for anxiety.

PDF Resources

Free Downloadable PDF Resources

  • Download helpful “how-to” and self-help PDFs for parents, covering a variety of anxiety-related topics;
  • See our Educator Resources, including the CARDTM System (Comfort, Ask, Relax, Distract) for Educators;
  • Listen to our Audio Library.
PDF resources for parents, caregivers and educators about anxiety.

Video Resources

Video Library – Resources including animation, live action, formal interviews, personal stories, and recorded workshops on anxiety.

Caretoons – Our educational and entertaining anxiety cartoons, #GalaxyBrain and #TimeTravellingPizza.



Galaxy Brain caretoons animated series for anxiety.


COVID-19 Resources

Coping with COVID-19

Struggling with anxiety during this time of uncertainty? Learn coping tools from our experts.

Resources for anxiety due to COVID-19. Emoticons wearing masks.

Ukraine Resources

War-Related Stress Resources

PDFs in both English and Ukrainian for those experiencing the traumas of war, like in Ukraine.


Resources for war related trauma, and the war in Ukraine.

#OurAnxietyStories Podcast

#OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast, hosted by John Bateman.

Want to learn more about anxiety and hear people from all walks of life share their experiences with anxiety?

Listen to the #OurAnxietyStories podcast.


Podcast for creating awareness about anxiety. #OurAnxietyStories

More Resources

About Anxiety – Find resources to help manage anxiety, plus information and self-help strategies for multiple disorders: