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Nickie Lewis

Episode 34|26:48 min|

COVID-19, Healthy Habits, Parenting,

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#OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast
#OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast
Nickie Lewis

About the episode

In this episode, Nickie shares that she is solution-oriented, and perceives challenges as something she has control over “fixing”. However, unlike the challenges of her past, COVID-19 isn’t something she can “fix”, which has led to her first experience with anxiety. Nickie mentions how she uses art as a coping mechanism, sharing that throughout this pandemic, she has been creating installations using twigs and twine in a Robert Burnaby Park. Nickie also touches on her experience raising a son with anxiety and what it has been like helping him navigate back-to-school despite concerns around COVID-19.

About the guest

Nickie Lewis is a creative Vancouver resident who has dabbled in costume design, theatre and most recently the creation of art installations that focus on nature and sustainability.

"I haven't really ever experienced anxiety until COVID-19."

- Nickie Lewis

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