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Richard Trudel

Episode 16|16:26 min|

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#OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast
#OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast
Richard Trudel

About the guest

Richard Trudel recently finished learning about mindfulness and how to manage the anxiety he’s experienced since childhood, as part of a program Anxiety Canada created at Chilliwack Alternate Schools.

In this episode, Richard shares how Anxiety Canada’s app, MindShift CBT, helps him manage anxiety.

"Now I use those tools outside of the [MindShift CBT] app or with the app if I ever do need it."

- Richard Trudel

This podcast is brought to you by Anxiety Canada™, a leader in developing free, online self-help and evidence-based anxiety resources. For more information and resources, please visit our website and download our app, MindShift™ CBT.